New Wyoming Bill Attempts to Eliminate “Gun Free Zones” in Public Places

Longtime 2nd Amendment rights advocate Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R) sponsored a bill Senate File 75, which looks to override the current restriction on gun bans within public buildings such as schools.

The bill would override any local gun control laws and allow residents of Wyoming to carry concealed in a larger number of places.

The bill, which has a large amount of support on both sides of the aisle, proposes to repeal almost all gun free zones across the state, and allow permit holders to carry anywhere within the boundaries of Wyoming.

Senate File 75 also clarifies that only Wyoming Legislature is allowed to regulate firearms, and ammunition and takes away the power of local government ordinances.

However, property rights are kept intact with the bill outlining that private property owners will not be affected.

Previous laws allowing private businesses and individuals to decide whether to allow weapons on the premises will remain unchanged. Any restrictions currently outlined in existing Wyoming concealed carry laws will also not be affected.

Bouchard, the former director for Wyoming Gun Owners, said:

“I think the anti-gun crowd has kind of kicked the hornet’s nest a little bit. This is an enumerated right that needs to be protected. The number of sponsors shows some movement in that direction.”

Wyoming Education Association President Kathy Vetters said, while she is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment,

“I just don’t believe that guns belong in schools with children,” she said.

The bill will have an affect on the standing policy at University Wyoming (UW) which has a campus policy firearm ban.

Senate File 75 clarifies the bill’s previous language which UW used as a legal technicality to uphold the ban.

Two years ago, Wyoming law makers passed a law allowing each school district to decide for itself whether to allow trained faculty to carry weapons.

This bill closely resembles a Kentucky bill which seeks to allow licensed concealed carriers onto public property like schools and universities.

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